We apply our expertise by offering a suite of services to improve operations and financial sustainability for both nonprofit and for profit organizations.

Our Mission

Foxstar Corporation’s comprehensive and innovative approach improves operations, financial and quality management, and enhances the overall success of your organization.

Our Approach

Foxstar’s team of experts customizes it’s approach to your organization’s individual needs.

“Foxstar’s proficiency and expertise gives you the edge in creating successful solutions for your organization.”

Michael G. Saegh

CEO & Founder

Meet Our Team

Michael Saegh, Founder & CEO

Michael has more than thirty years of experience in diverse leadership roles spanning executive management, corporate strategy, government relations, and international and domestic business development for emerging and established companies.  Michael’s blend of expertise in market strategy, international operations, profit enhancement and financial growth has enabled him to achieve successful results for the real estate, health care, utilities, telecommunications and energy companies where he served as chairman, C-level officer, and board member or advisor.  Since 2015, Michael has been applying his vast market experience in many of these areas and applying it to successfully assist organizations create management and financial efficiencies.

Robert Stearns, President – Nonprofit Division

Robert brings over forty years of experience in rehabilitation and healthcare management. With over twenty years of experience serving as Chief Executive Officer at three human services organizations, combined with over twenty years consulting to organizations supporting individuals with disabilities, Robert has expertise in program operations, staff management, planning and management of employee and financial resources, new service development, strategic and financial planning, fundraising, and clinical service oversight. Robert applies his wealth of knowledge and education in nonprofit and human services to offer a number of services to our valued clients.

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